Lee Howard

Lee Howard is the Director of Network Technology for Time Warner Cable.  His team supports Network Engineering and Architecture by developing new technologies and identifying new partners for use on Time Warner Cable's network.   He is responsible for the entire company's IPv6 program.  In support of these efforts, he is an active participant in several IETF working groups, CableLabs, MAAWG, and ARIN.

Before joining Time Warner Cable, Lee was the Director of IT Engineer for Stanley Associates, a federal contractor with emphasis on IT, logistics, and fulfillment. His major projects included leadership in integrating IT operations of corporate acquisitions, managing IT responsibilities in $6 million corporate headquarters move.  Operationally, he reduced recurring operational expenses by 30% in the first year, and continued driving costs down by standardizing, to reduce complexity and minimize inventory.  Deputy CIO, worked with auditors on financial controls and Sarbanes-Oxley audits.   Lee standardized on Cisco IP Telephony, designed server rooms, led rebuild of the enterprise network to be more resilient to failure, implemented change management, rewrote firewall security policy, and wrote IDS design and configuration plans.

Lee had a short term as Technical Manager of Complex Hosting at Blackboard after leaving UUNET, an MCI WorldCom Company in 2003.  Lee was the Senior Manager of Internet Installations at UUNET, including all Internet access technologies across most of the world.  He

increased productivity an average of 50% annually for five years, measured in number of activations per person.  Since customer activation triggers revenue, he defined time-to-delivery as key deliverable, measured intervals, designed automation, eliminated nonessential work.  Lee worked for UUNET through periods of 100% annual growth and 50% annual decline.  At peak, he managed 130 engineers and nine managers.  He developed installation processes for IP VPN, VoIP, DSL and ATM products.  Under his management, UUNET surveryed customer satisfaction at 9.4 out of 10.
Lee streamlined on-boarding, aligning training with immediate duties.  He personally wrote the BGP manual, and trained hundreds of engineers in BGP configuration, IP allocation and subnetting, SMDS, Frame Relay, and customer service skills.  He wrote Perl and shell scripts to build router-configuration tools and other text-processing and SQL query utilities.

Prior to UUNET, Lee had worked for several small ISPs and a Novell consulting company.

Lee is a long-standing member of the ARIN Board of Trustees, and has served as Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice Chair at various times.  ARIN has an annual budget in excess of US$14 million.

Lee served for a year on ICANN's ASO AC, as a member of the NRO NC.  He has attended several AfriNIC meetings.  He addressed the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG).

Lee has a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University, and holds PMP and GSLC certifications. 

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